Longtime environmental editor Dan Sullivan got hooked on garlic in 2002 while reporting a story for Organic Gardening magazine about Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa. Participating in Seed Saver’s annual campout, Dan attended a garlic workshop given by Chester Aaron, John Swenson and Darrell Merrill. He dubbed them the “Dons of Garlic,” and a life-long love affair – with the pungent allium, that is – was born.

Seeking another use for the retired turkey farm, Patrick McIntosh retrofitted equipment for garlic production. His background in boatbuilding, tin toy restoration and self-subsistence farming allowed him to envision a unique approach to biologically based farming. He continues to fabricate and modify traditional farming tools toward the task of growing great garlic. For the past 10 years, Patrick has worked as an independent contractor – designing, building and renovating properties in the local area.