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Select Culinary (B) Grade Garlic Varieties: $7/half-pound

Select Culinary (B) Grade Garlic Varieties: $12/LB

All Grade A, Seed Garlic No Longer Available.

Select Grade A Garlic Varieties: $12/half-pound

Select Grade A Garlic Varieties: $20/lb

To B (Grade) or not to B?

It has been said that anyone can grow garlic but that it takes a special talent, lots of organic matter and a little bit of luck to grow BIG garlic (okay, now it’s been said). Generally speaking, A Grade (aka “Seed Grade”) garlic will give you a better shot at bigger bulbs come harvest time. But it’s really a combination of what you stick in the soil in fall, how that soil has been nurtured and the whims of Mother Nature. The 2012/2013 growing season was a tough year for garlic growers throughout the U.S., particularly in the Northeast and Midwest. Although the seed stock we were able to get our hands wasn’t the biggest we’ve seen, it’s what was available and we were grateful both to find it and to meet the cool people who shared it with us. Our 2014 garlic was huge, so was 2015; 2016 proved to be another challenging year.

This is our pitch for B Grade or “Culinary Grade” garlic, which is slightly smaller in size but which chefs report exhibits more-intense flavor and stores longer. Since it’s less expensive than A Grade – which commands $20 a pound when we have it available – it may afford you (pardon the pun) the chance to try more varieties. Plus, you will get way more plants from a ½ a pound or full pound of B Grade. As we always like to suggest: “Plant some and eat some!”