Stay tuned for our 2017 offerings. We will be shipping beginning August 1.

Garlic Spot Farm grows dozens of varieties of heirloom garlic for planting and culinary use (many people and cultures also consider garlic very good medicine).

Our garlic patch resides on the site of a long-retired turkey farm in Berks County in southeastern Pennsylvania. We fertilize with compost and cover crops, not urea or anything else synthetic, and we practice weed control with people power – and creative ingenuity such as our own custom flame weeder – not harmful pesticides.

The Garlic Spot is your connection to hard-to-find, easy to grow heirloom garlic varieties. This year’s crop includes:

Purple Glazer, Chesnok Red, Musik, Brown Rose, GSF65, Blanak, Hungarian Purple, Burgundy Creole, Tibetan, Zemo, German White, Killarney, Philips, Duganski, Pescadero Red, Slovenian, Belarus, Inchelium Red, Chopaka Mountain, Georgian Fire, New Yorker, Chet’s Italian, Transylvania, Brown Tempest, German Red, Rosewood, Ukrainian Red, Chinese Pink, Kettle River, Thai Purple and Marino.

We ship anywhere within the continental U.S. Check back soon for more varieties coming online, cultivation tips, garlic facts and resources, and photos and captions highlighting our process and progress.

Peace, love and garlic,

Dan & PJ

FOR MORE INFO: Call 484.951.4659, or email garlic@garlicspot.com